Accuweigh Gross Weigh Small Bagger for Wheat & Barley Seed


Accuweigh recently supplied a gross weigh bagging machine in kit form to Breona Farming in the York Peninsula for bagging 15 kg & 20 kg bags of wheat & barley seed. The client is manufacturing the small bagging machine mounting hardware to suit their particular bagging machine application. 

Accuweigh supplied their own brand of small bag packaging machine, the Accupak GB50, along with the control box and weighing electronics which was pre-calibrated to enable the client to complete the bagging machine install himself. Accuweigh’s technical director, Greg Brogan, instructed the client on basic small bagging machine requirements to assist the with client’s installation.

The GB50 small bagger is suitable for packaging most types of products, including dry, granular, lumpy, crushed or powdered products into bags up to 50kg capacity and is very suitable where product has inconsistant flow charcteristics and where high weight accuracy is required.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing and packaging company with branches in all mainland states that have successfully completed scores of small bagging machine installations all over Australia.

The customer, Breona Farming is a family farming business based at South Kilkerran, 10kms South-west of Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. They are producers of certified and commercial seed crops, export and domestic hay, wheat, barley, beans, lentils, canola and vetch as well as self replacing merino sheep flock.

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