Bottle and Container Auger Filler with Tare / Gross Checkweighing

This month PER-FIL installed their Model Micro-6C Six Spindle Servo Micro-Filler with Tare/Gross Checkweighing System in a pharmaceutical plant in New York. Similar to their full size MF-6C Filler, this unit is designed for smaller fill sizes (0.5 gr – 300 gr) and is marketed for pharmaceutical and personal care applications

For precise container handling, PER-FIL’s conveyor extends under the Tare/Gross Checkweighing system to eliminate any dead plates or transfer points. The Tare / Gross checkweigher system features a starwheel indexing system and establishes the NET weight of each filled bottle, bag or container to feedback and adjust each of the six auger spindles as needed to ensure optimum fill accuracy. Tare/Gross checkweighing is required for glass bottles, bags or containers that very greatly in empty container weight.

Capable of fill speeds up to 120 – 150 cpm, Per-Fil claims the Micro-6C will increase your production and ensure clean, accurate fills of your powder and granular products.…