Gravity Gross Weigh Valve Bag Filler for Granular Materials

The Choice Bagging Equipment 600 series gravity valve bag filler has a specially designed product flow gate powered by gravity. Product flows by gravity from the supply hopper bin into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine. When a fill cycle is initiated, the product flows through the gravity gate into a funnel spout and into the bag using bag. No air or electricity is required for basic operation.

The CBE 600 series is an automatic mechanical scale gross weighing filler that simultaneously fills and weighs product directly into the valve bag. It is designed for free flowing ingredients such as plastic pellets, corn, soybeans, salt, sugar, sand, simestone, refractory materials, fertilizer.

The CBE 600 series gravity packer has a totally enclosed product flow path from supply hopper bin all the way into the bag. It can also be equipped with an optional dust collection manifold that can be ducted to your plants dust suppression system. With tube clean out and expanded bag seal assemblies, Choice Bagging Equipment claims the Model 600 gravity valve bag filler is the cleanest filling gravity style valve bag filler available in the industry.

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