What’s a Good Treadmill Size for Your Home?

Treadmills gathered especially for home use are generally smaller than those for interest rec focuses. A normal impression is around six feet long and three feet wide. In case you can’t surrender that much floor space, by then consider acquiring a falling treadmill or a moderate treadmill elective.

Falling treadmills are available at all quality levels. Many perform likewise and furthermore non-crumbling treadmills. Right when being utilized the best crumbling treadmills require as much space as ordinary treadmills do. Amidst practices they can have their decks pushed upward with the objective that floor space is available afresh. These cardio tutors have wheels for straightforward repositioning also.

Treadmill alternatives are sold principally at immediate and higher esteem centers. These inventive coaches take up for the most part little space yet they can play out the occupations of various health machines, for instance, treadmills, ellipticals and stair steppers. Other than being adaptable and littler they have the genuine favored point of view of supporting low-impact or zero-influence work out.

Support Extra Challenge?

Home treadmills at all esteem centers nowadays incorporate control inclines. The best treadmills with inclines have douse most extraordinary grade settings and moreover have competent motors for upward push. They can quickly adapt to bearing from the customer or preset undertakings. Preferences of slant planning are extra cardio challenge, snappier calorie devour – up to 2.5 times speedier than without a review! – and faultlessly centered around muscle concentrating on.

Need Lots of Workout Support and Feedback?

The best treadmills give a ton of certain getting ready projects. These ventures let people save time on practice setup, and they’re created by ensured wellness mentors to help ensure stunning movement. Moreover a segment of the best treadmills have remote accessibility for downloading new activities and thusly following activity bits of knowledge. iFit, which works with top choices on the once-over above, is one well known online stage for activities and subtle elements following . The feedback for practices varies from around five fields (time, expel, speed, calories and pulse) to no less than twelve. Estimations are showed up on screens of an extensive variety of sizes. On the best treadmills this year the screens have touch advancement and are around 7″ wide or greater. Touch advancement may seem like a unimportant component, yet it makes it significantly less requesting to use the solace when you’re in development. Most adored treadmill touch screens can be used for examining the web and furthermore getting to worked in works out.

Which Extras Matter to You?

Remarkable features on the present year’s best home treadmills are worked in Internet programs, iPod controls, tablet holders, practice fans and refreshment holders. These and distinctive points of interest are joined on the treadmills above – and these are only treadmills in the immediate esteem class! Clients arranged to spend for excess features can get treadmills with extra gigantic screens, top quality TV screens and other classy upgrades.…

Accuweigh Gross Weigh Small Bagger for Wheat & Barley Seed


Accuweigh recently supplied a gross weigh bagging machine in kit form to Breona Farming in the York Peninsula for bagging 15 kg & 20 kg bags of wheat & barley seed. The client is manufacturing the small bagging machine mounting hardware to suit their particular bagging machine application. 

Accuweigh supplied their own brand of small bag packaging machine, the Accupak GB50, along with the control box and weighing electronics which was pre-calibrated to enable the client to complete the bagging machine install himself. Accuweigh’s technical director, Greg Brogan, instructed the client on basic small bagging machine requirements to assist the with client’s installation.

The GB50 small bagger is suitable for packaging most types of products, including dry, granular, lumpy, crushed or powdered products into bags up to 50kg capacity and is very suitable where product has inconsistant flow charcteristics and where high weight accuracy is required.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing and packaging company with branches in all mainland states that have successfully completed scores of small bagging machine installations all over Australia.

The customer, Breona Farming is a family farming business based at South Kilkerran, 10kms South-west of Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. They are producers of certified and commercial seed crops, export and domestic hay, wheat, barley, beans, lentils, canola and vetch as well as self replacing merino sheep flock.…

Heavy Duty Small Bag Auger Packer

The ECC small bag “master” auger packer is a heavy-duty gross weigh auger bagger for filling valve-type bags with dry flaked, powdered, pelleted, or granular materials.

Standard Specificatio



  • Bag Weight Accuracy: +-1/4% (load cells) or 1/2% (scale beam) obtainable with good product flow and consistent bulk density
  • Production Rates: up to (6) 50 lb bags/minute
  • Weight Range: 20 lbs to 110 lbs on bags; 50 lbs to 220 lbs on drums
  • Standard units: (shown) with load cells and electronic controls. (Not shown) with scale beam.
  • Available with 304 or 316 stainless steel with food grade welding and polish (when required) on all contacting surfaces.

All electronic scale component parts meet Handbook 44 specifications.…

Gravity Gross Weigh Valve Bag Filler for Granular Materials

The Choice Bagging Equipment 600 series gravity valve bag filler has a specially designed product flow gate powered by gravity. Product flows by gravity from the supply hopper bin into the product feed inlet at the top of the machine. When a fill cycle is initiated, the product flows through the gravity gate into a funnel spout and into the bag using bag. No air or electricity is required for basic operation.

The CBE 600 series is an automatic mechanical scale gross weighing filler that simultaneously fills and weighs product directly into the valve bag. It is designed for free flowing ingredients such as plastic pellets, corn, soybeans, salt, sugar, sand, simestone, refractory materials, fertilizer.

The CBE 600 series gravity packer has a totally enclosed product flow path from supply hopper bin all the way into the bag. It can also be equipped with an optional dust collection manifold that can be ducted to your plants dust suppression system. With tube clean out and expanded bag seal assemblies, Choice Bagging Equipment claims the Model 600 gravity valve bag filler is the cleanest filling gravity style valve bag filler available in the industry.…

Bottle and Container Auger Filler with Tare / Gross Checkweighing

This month PER-FIL installed their Model Micro-6C Six Spindle Servo Micro-Filler with Tare/Gross Checkweighing System in a pharmaceutical plant in New York. Similar to their full size MF-6C Filler, this unit is designed for smaller fill sizes (0.5 gr – 300 gr) and is marketed for pharmaceutical and personal care applications

For precise container handling, PER-FIL’s conveyor extends under the Tare/Gross Checkweighing system to eliminate any dead plates or transfer points. The Tare / Gross checkweigher system features a starwheel indexing system and establishes the NET weight of each filled bottle, bag or container to feedback and adjust each of the six auger spindles as needed to ensure optimum fill accuracy. Tare/Gross checkweighing is required for glass bottles, bags or containers that very greatly in empty container weight.

Capable of fill speeds up to 120 – 150 cpm, Per-Fil claims the Micro-6C will increase your production and ensure clean, accurate fills of your powder and granular products.…

Small Bag Packaging Company Doubles Production Rates with Premier Tech

Blaschak Coal Corporation, Mahanoy City, PA, is an Anthracite (hard coal) mining and preparation facility which ships anthracite worldwide for both residentialand commercial uses. Anthracite is one of the cleanest burning solid fossil fuels and carbon sources known to man. Born in 1937 this Corporation is currently operated by the second generation of Blaschaks. Throughout the company’s history their Anthracite product has been supplied to steel producers and other industrial markets. Twenty years ago,they entered the home heating market, supplying 40 lb. bags of Anthracite for use in small coal stoves. They pioneered the stove and fire place industry and their sales network now consists of over 400 dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Due to the recent increase in demand for low cost alternative energy to replace or supplement high priced energy sources Blaschak Coal was experiencing difficulty satisfying customer demand for their bagged products. “With the significant market expansion of Blaschak Coal in the past years due to the increase in Anthracite demand, we couldn’t keep up with the orders and were experiencing serious delays in shipping. We needed to improve production rates and the accuracy of the weight of our small bags without expanding our facilities”, says Jack Stauffenberg, Operation Manager at Blaschak Coal.

An investigation to determine the root cause of the production problems resulted in the decision to seek replacements for both their existing scale system and their existing low-level Columbia palletizing system. The Blaschak Coal team decided to seek the best packaging company with the ability to provide them with a complete solution that would fit their specific needs – a solution tailored to overcome the challenges associated with the demands of their production environment and productivity goals. One of the possible suppliers was Premier Tech Systems, Quebec, Canada. Premier Tech Systems is a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment. Their integrated systems often include bulk product infeed and storage, weighing, bag filling, palletizing, and load stabilization equipment.

In February 2007, they purchased from Premier Tech Systems a duplex vibratory fed scale unit, a robotic palletizing cell, a stretch wrapper, and an upgrade kit for the sealing unit on their existing form, fill and seal bagging system. This bagging equipment, still in operation today in their facility, was to remain an integral part of the new fully integrated packaging line. Blaschak Coal didn’t feel it was necessary to replace their bagging system as it continues to perform very well.

The biggest challenge for the project teams at Blaschak Coal and Premier Tech Systems was to overcome the constraints imposed by the existing building structure and process equipment. The major issue was the limited headroom. The scale hopper had to be custom engineered to fit under and integrate with the existing product infeed conveyor. An additional challenge that had to be overcome was the limited floor space available for the equipment. A compact layout was required to maximize the product storage capacity of the facility. Working together, the two companies developed several equipment configurations until they arrived at a solution that required a minimum amount of floor space without compromising efficiency of the system. The final challenge was time. The existing equipment had to be removed and the new equipment had to be installed and brought online as quickly as possible. “We had serious time constraint to deal with during the installation and start up and it had to be done quickly. Thanks to the synergy between our staff and Premier Techs Systems’ staff, we did it in 3 weeks!’’, says Stauffenberg.

The installation has been a complete success. Since the completion of the equipment commissioning, Blaschak Coal is experiencing greatly improved bag weight accuracy and production efficiency. “Now, we can produce over 10, 000 bags per shift. The production has doubled! Another significant improvement is that our down time has been tremendously reduced by 95 %”, says Stauffenberg. The new packaging line has also helped Blaschak Coal boost their image with their dealer network; “customers appreciate our nicer and solid pallets.”, says Stauffenberg.

The next step in the company’s expansion will be to add a second production shift, which will start around October 2007. The reliability of the equipment supplied by Premier Tech Systems is the major motivating factor for the decision makers at Blaschak Coal. “The results are excellent. We strongly believe that we will be able to smoothly run a second shift without any problems with the equipment. We are convinced that we have made the right decision when we modernize our plant and appreciate our long time relationship with Premier Tech Systems as our partner, as well as PROBEC, their sales agent in Pennsylvania. They did a good job guiding us through the transition and we definitely recommend Premier Tech Systems to anyone else”, says Jack Stauffenberg, Operations Manager.…